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It's not about being liberal or conservative anymore y'all. That is a hype offered by the fascist whores who want to confuse the people with lies while they turn this country into an aristocratic police state. Some people will say anything to attain power and money. There is no such thing as the Liberal Media, but the Corporate media is very real.

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Loyalty without truth
is a trail to tyranny.

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Sunday, 22 October 2006 at 13h 49m 54s

There is no voter fraud

Just another hoax brought to you by the anti- democratic Rethuglican noise machine to justify anti-democratic legislation and state initiatives that make it more difficult for poor people to vote.

From the USA TODAY

By Richard Wolf, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — At a time when many states are instituting new requirements for voter registration and identification, a preliminary report to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission has found little evidence of the type of polling- place fraud those measures seek to stop.

USA TODAY obtained the report from the commission four months after it was delivered by two consultants hired to write it. The commission has not distributed it publicly.

At least 11 states have approved new rules for independent voter-registration drives or requirements that voters produce specific forms of photo ID at polling places. Several of those laws have been blocked in court, most recently in Arizona last week. The House of Representatives last month approved a photo- ID law, now pending in the Senate.

The bipartisan report by two consultants to the election commission casts doubt on the problem those laws are intended to address. “There is widespread but not unanimous agreement that there is little polling-place fraud, or at least much less than is claimed, including voter impersonation, ‘dead' voters, non-citizen voting and felon voters,” the report says.

. . .

Barry Weinberg, former deputy chief of the voting section in the Justice Department's civil rights division, reviewed their work. “Fraud at the polling place is generally difficult to pull off,” he says. “It takes a lot of planning and a lot of coordination.”

Of course right-wing reactionaries "dispute the research and conclusions." Thor Hearne, counsel to the misnamed American Center for Voting Rights -- that means he is a lawyer-- notes "that the Justice Department has sued Missouri for having ineligible voters registered, while dead people have turned up on the registration rolls in Michigan."

But a funny thing about these two examples? The dead people that showed up on registration rolls were due to newly deceased persons. There was no evidence that persons voted in place of the deceased persons in Michigan. The statement of the Federal lawsuit against Missouri only mentions the existence of the case, not the result of or the actual details of the case.

I did a google and had a hard time finding information about this federal lawsuit against the state of Missouri. Here is the source from an ap news wire line. The story was printed in the St Louis Dispatch. Guess what the law suit was about?

The complaint, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, alleges that the state has failed to meet its legal responsibilities to conduct a general program to maintain its voter registration list for federal elections as required under Section 8 of the NVRA. It alleges that, in some parts of Missouri, voters have been removed from registration lists without notification in direct violation of mandatory NVRA procedural protections,and that,in other areas, ineligible voters have not been removed from registration lists. The complaint further alleges that the state's failure to comply with the voter registration list maintenance provisions of the NVRA has resulted in registration lists that provide inaccurate voting information, including one county where the number of registered voters is over 150% of its voting age population.

Did you get that? Notice the use of the word "alleges". We have no idea how much of this "complaint filed in the US District Court" is politically motivated. In any case, the "complaint" is not about voters actually casting illegal ballots which is, Mr. Hearne, why the study you criticize "found little evidence of the type of polling-place fraud those measures seek to stop."

Lesson number 23 billion in why you must Watch what they do,not what they say.

Also, notice that the various versions of this original USA TODAY story are being grossly sliced and edited.

* Click here *

The original story was 9 paragraphs. The UPI story (which is owned by Fox news mogul Ruppert Murdoch) is only 6 paragraphs. The very important original first 4 paragraphs have been condensed into one sentence : "Claims of widespread voter fraud at U.S. polling booths are exaggerated, an independent report done for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission says." The words "claims" and "exaggerated" are new words that were not in the original USA TODAY story.

And yet, these are the words that are cheap substitutes for

"There is widespread but not unanimous agreement that there is little polling-place fraud, or at least much less than is claimed, including voter impersonation, ‘dead' voters, non- citizen voting and felon voters,” the report says

Widespread but not unanimous ? Hmmm, would that be like a 35 - 3 football game? Or a 95 - 5 Senate vote?

Furthermore, the UPI spinned version ends with the legalese of Thor Hearn. The quote from Barry Weinberg has been omitted.

Yes. That's right, you guessed correctly. The UPI decided it was more important to end the story with a quote from Thor Hearn, a partisan group lawyer, than Barry Weinberg, former deputy chief of the voting section in the Justice Department's civil rights division ? Who has a more substantive opinion : A hired shill, or the deputy chief of the voting section in the Justice Department's civil rights division?

By the way, "Thor Hearn" is actually Mark F. Hearn. What's with the nickname?

This is why you never believe an article that is from the "UPI Staff." What you get is a sliced up spin version of the actual original story.

Who would you believe?

Thor Hearn Barry Weinberg

And the front page story for the Friday San Francisco Comical : "Critics assail Firefighters effort to rescue mission." Yes, that's our corporate monolith Hearst Corporation for you, getting to the bottom of the really, really important stories that truly affect our democracy.


Sunday, 22 October 2006 at 13h 35m 39s

Bill Maher rips the stupidity of Think Tanks

Click here.

Bill Maher rips into the stupid predictions that never came true about the war in Iraq

If you're someone from one of these think tanks that dreamed up the Iraq War and who predicted that we'd be greeted as liberators, and that we wouldn't need a lot of troops, and that Iraqi oil would pay for the war, that the WMD's would be found, that the looting wasn't problematic, that the mission was accomplished, that the insurgency was in its last throes, that things would get better after the people voted, after the government was formed, after we got Saddam, after we got his kids, after we got Zarqawi, and that whole bloody mess wouldn't turn into a civil war ... you have to stop making predictions.

Thanks to for the footage.

Friday, 20 October 2006 at 21h 24m 55s

The real John McCain

I used to respect John McCain. But now ... I realize he's just another craven politician.

Here is a snippet of his "strained" interview with (of all people) Chris Matthews ( of whom some people refer as Tweety) :


MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about an area where we‘ve all been involved, you especially, in talking about Iraq and how we can win this war or deal with it. You‘ve called, just in the last couple of days, for 100,000 more troops on top of the 140,000 we have as a compliment there.

When I read that on the clips this morning, I went to General Barry McCaffrey, whom you know so well, and he said we‘ve got only a total of 19 brigades that we could actually put into combat right now. We have 17 committed, two of those brigades to Afghanistan, 15 brigades already in Iraq. He says we simply don‘t have the capability to sustain another 100,000 troops in Iraq. You disagree?

MCCAIN: I said we need 100,000 more ...


MCCAIN: ...members of the Marines and the Army. We need additional troops there, but I think we need to expand the Army and the Marine Corps by 100,000 people.

MATTHEWS: More recruitment.

MCCAIN: I didn‘t say we need 100,000 -- more recruitment. And by the way, I‘m sure that people in this audience know the members—many members of the Iowa National Guard. They have served with courage, with bravery, with sacrifice and enormously wonderful performance. But it‘s a heavy strain on the Guard.

MATTHEWS: Would they please stand up? I know we have some here. Would the people of the National Guard of Iowa please just stand up nonofficially here? Thank you.


MATTHEWS: Thank you. Thank you for your service.


MCCAIN: Some of these young people have been to Afghanistan or Iraq two or three times already. We have put an enormous strain on them. They have performed magnificently, but we can‘t keep it up. We‘ve got to expand of the Marines. . . .

MATTHEWS: But why isn‘t it working? I mean, so few people here— we‘ve got a couple of thousand of young people here, and a very, very small percentage have expressed a commitment, even by standing here. Doesn‘t that mean we might have to think of the draft again?

MCCAIN: I don‘t think we need to think of the draft again because I don‘t think it makes sense in a whole variety of ways. But I guarantee you, if these young people felt that this nation was in a crisis and we asked them to serve, virtually every one of them would stand up because I have the greatest confidence in the young people of America.

So ... , uh, what the hell is John McCain saying? I think the picture above says everything ?

Friday, 20 October 2006 at 21h 15m 46s

Holy Shit

Whoa baby look at what's happening now/

Baltimore Sun Source

Diebold Election Systems Inc. expressed alarm and state election officials contacted the FBI yesterday after a former legislator received an anonymous package containing what appears to be the computer code that ran Maryland's polls in 2004.

Cheryl C. Kagan, a longtime critic of Maryland's elections chief, says the fact that the computer disks were sent to her - along with an unsigned note criticizing the management of the state elections board - demonstrates that Maryland's voting system faces grave security threats.

. . .

The disclosure comes amid heightened concerns nationwide about the security of the November elections and the ability of the state to keep tight controls on the thousands of machines that will be used next month.

Maryland's September primary - which used voting machines and electronic check- in equipment made by Diebold - suffered a series of mistakes, and the outcomes of some contests were not known for weeks.

A legislator gets an anonymous package which proves that Diebold machines had preconceived intentions of fraud ?

Friday, 20 October 2006 at 18h 57m 1s

My fears of the ignorance

I do hope we are all getting an education. I don't think many people read at all, and so what information they ever get is mostly from the video and audio media.

Imagine a people who have no idea what happened 30-40-50 much less 300 years ago. Much of history is something a whole hell of a lot of people have never even conceived of, except when alluded to by some external media source, or in conversation with other people. I mean if you don't know what happened in 1910 or 1804, what would you think about if you pondered it? What notions would fill the void of the empty receptacle?

This is hard for me to imagine because I have been reading since the age of 3. I was writing and drawing at age 5. I started playing guitar and piano in high school, and now, many years later ... I suppose I'm probably what you might call a child progidy.

But still, I know that other people are different, and frankly I am sometimes catatonic when I think of how little the average person reads in a month. I mean a lot of persons are vulnerable to the spin and propaganda, because they are just too ignorant too know any better. They often have good intentions, but like most human beings will get their hackles up and become quite defensive when challenged.

Now I'm not speaking of the bots and spin merchants who vomit all over the media and blogosphere. Those fools are just hybrid rodents chewing on their fingers.

God Save The Republic.

Thursday, 19 October 2006 at 17h 36m 49s

Listen to yo grandma

I thought I'd share this with everyone.

We've been had.

We struck a match across the entire Middle East.

[We] not only failed, we created a civil war.

We did exactly what the British said we were doing, we fixed the facts around the policy because the President wanted to go to war.

They've been cut off at the pass, because they don't understand one thing : people fight for their country. I mean what else are they gonna do, where else are they gonna go.

We are only compounding the problem.

-- quotes from Helen Thomas, the David Bender show, 19 October 2006

I love Helen Thomas, the 80 something veteran journalist. Listen to your grandmother boys.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006 at 20h 8m 29s

Progress is right around the next....

Bottomless pit of corruption.

This is the average hours of electricity in Baghdad from 2005 to 2006. Baghdad is a modern city of 10 million people. Prior to the invasion, there was an average of 16 to 24 hours of electricity per day.


And now ...

Monday, 16 October 2006 at 19h 55m 12s

Saving the elephant

Thanks to

Monday, 16 October 2006 at 17h 50m 46s

Paul Krugman today

I was just blogging about this event, and lo and behold, Paul Krugman mentions it too in his op-ed column today.

The current Congress has shown no inclination to investigate the Bush administration. Last year The Boston Globe offered an illuminating comparison: when Bill Clinton was president, the House took 140 hours of sworn testimony into whether Mr. Clinton had used the White House Christmas list to identify possible Democratic donors. But in 2004 and 2005, a House committee took only 12 hours of testimony on the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Monday, 16 October 2006 at 17h 46m 44s

Hypocrites and conflicts of interest

Click here for the full story in the Houston Chronicle

WASHINGTON — Former FDA chief Lester Crawford has agreed to plead guilty to charges of failing to disclose a financial interest in PepsiCo Inc. and other firms regulated by his agency, his lawyer said Monday.

The Justice Department accused the former head of the Food and Drug Administration in court papers of falsely reporting that he had sold stock in companies when he continued holding shares in the firms governed by FDA rules.

Conflict of Interest is nothing new to the Rethuglicans. Louisiana Republican Billy Tauzin, left Congress and was hired for 7 figures as a lobbyist for a big Pharma medical lobby group -- just after he orchestrated the Medicare --cough cough -- Reform Act of 2004. Don't you think he got "pay back" ?

It's called the Government to Industry revolving door. After doing favorable things or making favorable interpretations of the law, one goes from being a congress person or government employee to getting hired at top dollar to be a consultant or lobbyist for the corporations and their lobby agencies.

Vice President Dick Cheney is the perfect example, where Cheney goes back and forth from private industry to government a number of times in 30 plus years time. It began in, of all places, the Nixon administration, continued as a consultant for the oil industry, then he was a congressman from Wyoming, then defense minister, then top CEO of Halliburton, and then finally Vice President. Granted this is a vast over-simplified timeline, but it works for the point I'm clarifying. If you want more info, you need to read.

Click here for a Mother Jones article that details some of the long sordid history of Cheney's travels through the revolving door. Click here for a list of various sources for more articles about Dick Cheney

Click here for plenty more examples.

Just like Supreme Court justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito both refused to recuse themselves before court cases even though they had blatant conflicts of interest. In Alito's case, he had investments with Liberty Financial at the same time the company was being litigated in his Massachusetts court. Scalia's son ( Eugene Scalia ) was appointed to direct a bureau of the labor department so he could gut worker safety rights after the 2000 election. The son Eugene "has said that employees should pay for their own safety equipment, when the equipment is required by law" ( source ). The father Antonin Scalia, spent the weekend hunting ducks with Dick Cheney one month before Scalia was to oversee the Cheney Energy Documents legal battle. Incidentally the case took an interesting turn. Click here to read the excellently written summary of events by John W. Dean.

Ask yourself, is it proper for the judge to spend a close personal bonding event hunting over the weekend with the defendent one month before the trial, and then attempt to exonerate that defendent? Scalia went ballistic when a reporter asked him this question, angrily defending his right to be impartial and having security take the reporter's camera away because Scalia didn't want digital evidence.

This is the man who is chief justice of the supreme court.

Now I remember when the Rethuglican's stromed the bastille when it was rumored that Lobbyists were buying access to the Christmas card list of the Clinton's White House (later proven untrue) or when the White House Travel Office was seen as "graft ridden" or (according to Wikipedia )

The White House Travel Office is in the residential section of the White House, and as such, staffers serve strictly at the pleasure of the president. Historically, a change of administrations usually resulted in a brand new Travel Office staff. Despite the established presidential privilege of replacing staffers at will, Congressional Republicans alleged that friends of President Bill Clinton, including his cousin Catherine Cornelius, had engineered the firings in order to get the business for themselves.[1] The House Government Reform and Oversight Committee eventually launched an investigation into the White House Travel Office firings. After a three-year investigation, the Chair of the committee, Pennsylvania Republican William Clinger, accused the Clinton administration of having obstructed the committee's efforts to investigate the Travelgate scandal. [2] Clinger also challenged the White House access to Billy Dale's FBI records in the Filegate affair. [3] Ultimately, a president's right to staff his residential quarters with persons of his choosing prevailed and no grounds for legal action could be established.

Bill Clinton later described the allegations and investigation as "a fraud".[4]

Now these false accusations got splashed across the front-page of the corporate newspapers, but buried the eventual proof that there were no grounds for legal action in the back pages -- if ever mentioned at all. How can this be ? Don't we have a "free" press?

Sure we do, and a large multinational holding company that owns hundreds of media companies is free to do and print what it wants. It's just that ignorant people may be what the huge financial interests want. Right now, news media companies like newspapers and local television and radio are getting bought up and downsized so the mother holding company can suck more money and make more profits. If this diminishes the quality of news, so what. The monopoly on ad space still ensures lucrative ad sales, even if the circulation and audience shrinks. Excessive profits are more important than journalism.

A book I suggest to everyone about this rise of corporate consolidation in the news media is written by two 35 plus year veteran's of the Washington Post. It's called the News About the News. Get yourself a copy.

As for the recent wave of corruption due to conflicts of interest, how come these same Rethuglican's can't seem to apply the same vociferous indignation when it comes to actual illegal action by their own. Republican Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma actually says he's "outraged about the outrage" ?

Isn't that despicable?