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It's not about being liberal or conservative anymore y'all. That is a hype offered by the fascist whores who want to confuse the people with lies while they turn this country into an aristocratic police state. Some people will say anything to attain power and money. There is no such thing as the Liberal Media, but the Corporate media is very real.

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Gino Napoli
San Francisco, California
High School Math Teacher

Loyalty without truth
is a trail to tyranny.

a middle-aged
George Washington

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Thursday, 4 May 2017 at 18h 54m 33s

Stupid proud ideology of the hired word assasins.

"Word assassin" --politicians or pundits who use particular words like killers use knives; slicing relevance and meaning into a farcical illusion where a substrate of mythical rules are supposed to exist and even work in a practical un-complicated manner.

Hence, the idea the "markets" are better than "government intrusion" is a meme that is trotted out everytime these co-opted bitches called Rethuglicans speak into a media microphone. Ask them about the failures of the 35 states who actually tried the high-risk pools, only to have them all fail and wind up costing every state more money. Maine apparently did a better job, but that is because Maine created a state tax to pay for the subsidies to insurance to cover high-risk people. Facts and historical evidence don't seem to apply however because these people just BELIEVE that this time it will be different. And even what Maine did is a typical dumb-ass delusional self-proclaimed conservative idea(as against a REAL conservative idea btw) -- find someway to subsidize large corporations at more cost and less efficiency in the name of removing the big bad government with lower cost and more efficiency ... because ??? ... because the belief in something called the "free market" being always better than something called "government intrusion".

NEWSFLASH: There is AND NEVER HAS BEEN any such thing as a free market, and government intrusion is intrinsic to the market. The fairy tale would have you believe these are two separate competing entities, when they are one and the same. The rubes are tossed out this cherry pie to make them easily manipulated by the rogue vicious aristocrats and crony capitalists who could care less about a functional, long term social order, and have the hubris and millions of dollars to resist the obvious.

ALL "markets" or business interactions are affected by rules that are established at the community, state, and national level. Persons or institutions with leverage always lean toward asserting rent seeking ability, and slide towards oligarcy and monopoly. Citizens and people all agree that there are certain entities that should not be subject to the whims and vicissitudes of prices and costs. In the past, daughters were negotiated for marriage by requiring a "dowry" from the interested patron involving large sums of cash. In various Asian countries, impoverished families often farm out their young daughters to pimps. In early 1800's europe, poor and middling debtors were thrown into debtors prisons for years when they reneged on their bills; while wealthy patrons and members of the aristocracy got extensions and more loans. Not every member of the so-called "free" market is of equal stature and has equal opportunity -- which is the initial postulate that supports all of the deductive reasoning behind the marvelous benefits of a "free" market.

AND when your initial postulate (your presumed basic fact) is false, that means everything else that follows is complete bullshit. But remember, these critters get paid well to preach this bullshit.

Government is the means by which the economy and social order blend into a beneficial and least costly manner that will last long term. Destruction or misunderstanding of government is due to short term thinking, short-sighted weakly founded ideas , and frankly ... vain selfishness.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 at 20h 20m 6s

My latest poem

Who are these overpaid putzís
that confront me on the TV screen
tell me what to think
tell me how to interpret simple obvious events
tell me that complexity is really something that can be blamed
on other things that are not related.

Who the fuck gives you the right to sit their and muddy the waters
of thought with this fucking bullshit
Overpaid Zealots of Bullshit

you wanna tell me that pre-medical conditions mean you make poor health choices
you wanna tell me that I am fat because I am lazy rather than a hormonal condition
you wanna tell me that making poor grades in school automatically means poor priorities
instead of real life challenges that rich people are able to avoid by paying for their entitled
offspring to go to places that interpret grading procedures
you wanna tell me that working a minimum wage job means you are a loser
because you didnít work hard and dedicate your free time striving to rise up the social ladder
but excuse me
a social system that preys on the lower classes
has to applaud this malignant behavior
by blaming the victims
and you say that shit while you sit there for 5 minutes making ludicrous incongruous statements
for a few thousand dollars
because the industry hires trolls and charlatans like you
in an attempt to bullshit the people with zombie ideas and trojan horse interpretations
which is how tax cuts are sold by putting more money in your pocket so you can put food on the table
for you family
rather than a disintegration of government
into a creature manipulated for the interests of the oligarchy who have their wealth counted in the billions.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 17h 40m 45s

Nawlins Napsters Rant

Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 16h 14m 58s

Discovered a new writer

2002, Friendster: At last, a way to connect with friends on the internet!
2003, Photobucket: At last, a way to post pictures on the internet!
2003, Myspace: At last, a way to connect with friends on the internet!
2004, Flickr: At last, a way to post pictures on the internet!
2004, Facebook: At last, a way to connect with friends on the internet!
2005, YouTube: At last, a way to post video on the internet!
2006, Twitter: At last, a way to post text on the internet!
2010, Instagram: At last, a way to post pictures on the internet!
2013, Vine: At last, a way to post video on the internet!
2013, YikYak: At last, a way to post text on the internet!

You get the idea. An industry that never stops lauding itself for its creativity and innovation has built its own success mythology by endlessly repackaging the same banal functions that have existed for about as long as the Web.

[SOURCE:Freddie Deboer†|††|†26 April 2017]

Indeed, transferring social functions to the control of cell phone and internet providers is eroding our social order and bankrupting the economic fabric. Read the entire article.

Saturday, 29 April 2017 at 16h 31m 51s

Can she be President now

I love Elizabeth Warren.

Saturday, 29 April 2017 at 16h 3m 48s

Bill Maher rocks again

Saturday, 29 April 2017 at 14h 15m 38s

Nawlins Napsers Rant

Saturday, 29 April 2017 at 11h 33m 53s

The Russia-gate scandal will be the biggest scandal in the history of the USA

Saturday, 29 April 2017 at 11h 56m 42s

Why Productivity has been stripped from wage gains to labor

Notice that the first dip of the red line (wages) happened between 1980 and 1990, the decade that was the myth of the Reagan administration. It was the decade that the mega rich corporations and wealthy took over and gutted the social order that was sustaining the wage gains from productivity.

Notice the next dip occurred after 2010. Historians are going to have a mixed view of the Obama administration I think because behind the scenes the corporations and wealthy took more wealth and privileges, completely changing the political landscape everywhere after the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 2010 United States Supreme Court decision [from wikipedia]|[from the scotusblog]. The decision cemented the legal definition of spending money as a form of free speech protected under the first amendment. Hence, the more money, the more free speech, AND the government may not keep corporations (or unions) from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections. Which is why the corporate powers are going after and gutting the various unions. They don't want any competition.

Fucking wonderful. Oh joy.

Anyway Al Walker does a better job at explaining the disconnection between productivity and wages. Here is a quote from his latest blogpiece at emptywheel.

Once capital achieves a new baseline of return, it doesnít drop back without a bitter fight, sometimes just political, but always with the threat or reality of physical violence. Thatís how labor got its share in the first place, a fact no one wants to talk about. When was the last time you heard an economist discuss the violence in the coal fields, the violence that won miners safer working conditions and better wages. Once labor loses its power, workers canít defend themselves, and canít force the rich to share the benefits that flow from any level of productivity, whether or not that level is increasing. And indeed, the rich are now taking all the gains from productivity and more, the labor participation rate is at pre-1980 levels, and wages have been stagnant for decades. Even so, all discussion about wages is centered around increasing productivity, as if it mattered to workers when all the benefits flow to the richest among us.

One school of thought blames workers, saying they have to increase their training and preparation for the work force. A kinder version blames hysterisis effects, the idea that when workers are unemployed for extended periods, they lose their skills. The Republican answer is invest in yourself, borrow money, and get that training. Of course, you take all the risks, for example, whether you can master the schooling, or figure out what training might get you a job, or find a school that will actually train you, and by the way, if you fail, you still have to pay until you die. The Democratic version is jobs training, but thatís only sporadically available, and itís always underfunded and rarely useful, thanks to the neoliberals in both parties. As to the older people in the workforce who canít retrain, and canít move to where there are jobs, both parties do nothing. We donít just blame the victim, we ignore them, and treat them as losers who deserve nothing.

Many of the 23 economic writers cited in the Focus Economics article, and the other experts it discusses, say the problem is inadequate business investment. So the solutions offered are centered around stimulating demand and cutting taxes and regulations. No one explains how this solves the problem of the rich taking all the gains.

There are few outside the box observations. A couple of the writers think maybe the problem is that there are too many low-productivity jobs available, and too few high-productivity jobs. People see the available jobs as dead-end, and their treatment as demeaning, and they donít do more than the absolute minimum necessary to get that miniscule paycheck. Another writer points out that the next wave of capital investment is not going to make people more productive, itís going to replace them. I assume he means industrial robots, for the short term at least.

Another suggests that we are already very efficient at a lot of things, and in those areas, improvements in productivity wonít make much difference. In areas we arenít very efficient at, itís going to require something enormous to make a difference, or we would already done it. John Quiggan says that the financial sector has separated itself from the productive sector, which seems true. You can almost hear the words ďVampire SquidĒ. All these are intractable problems.

But I think the problem is different. The economic orthodoxy is that capital is always efficient, while labor is always bloated, lazy, indifferent, greedy, demanding, corrupt and insufferable. That was and is the rallying cry of the union-busters, and you can hear it today. That is a perfect description of the capitalists of today. they donít want to take risks. They want protected markets, special tax treatment, immunity from criminal prosecution and civil suits, and they have the money to pay off politicians to get that and more. They want all the money. They donít want to pay their share. They want the right to wreck the economy with impunity. They want the right to screw consumers into the ground. They want the right to destroy the environment. And they want to make all the decisions about the future.

[SOURCE:Ed Walker†|†emptywheel†|†28 April 2017]

Friday, 28 April 2017 at 20h 6m 43s

Nawlins Napsters Rant

Sorry about the delay y'all. My hard drive is close to being maximized, so the normal drag and drop method of videos took an excessively long time. I found a temporary work around today, but inevitably I am going to have to wipe my hard drive and re-sync the data. That usually takes at least 8 hours.

Maybe I will get to that this weekend. Maybe not. Once the situation is resolved I will continue the daily rant, but until then the rant might be more sporadic.

As such this is actually a video 2 days ago (on Wednesday, and today is Friday).