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It's not about being liberal or conservative anymore y'all. That is a hype offered by the fascist whores who want to confuse the people with lies while they turn this country into an aristocratic police state. Some people will say anything to attain power and money. There is no such thing as the Liberal Media, but the Corporate media is very real.

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Gino Napoli
San Francisco, California
High School Math Teacher

Loyalty without truth
is a trail to tyranny.

a middle-aged
George Washington

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Friday, 13 January 2017 at 1h 55m 59s

Those credible stories about a Russian Dossier

[SOURCE: Paul Wood | BBC News |11 January 2017 ]
[SOURCE: Scott Shane | New York Times | 11 January 2017]

hat tip to Echidne of the Snakes.

The Obama "birther" story had a shelf life into his second term, with Trump stroking the flames from day one. This story however concerns various sources which all point to Russia having blackmail tapes and video on Donald Trump from not one but two incidents involving Russian hookers. And then Trump accuses CNN of being a "fake" news pusher because he was upset that CNN was the first major television news outlet to break the story. He refuses to take a question from the CNN reporter, but then takes a question from the well-known fake news pusher Breitbart. Now I am not a fan of CNN. I call them the "Corporate News Network" but publishing fluff stories is not the same thing as false. Ignoring stories that affect the connected rich and corporations, or putting a certain paradigmatic slant on whatever news story they present is not the same thing as fake.

That's not what Breitbart does. Breitbart publishes actual fake stories. Promotes them even. Breitbart regularly allows politically contrived videos to be shown which give such a skewed perspective that it is beyond a shift based on ideological preferences (like CNN) slicing speeches and video in a way that portrays events in a false manner.

The corporate media may do a poor, incomplete job on reporting about matters that affect the coin-counters in corporatocracy, but they don't publish fake stories unless they are planted by political operatives and get snookered. "Fakebook" and Breitbart actually enable and sometimes originate fake news to pollute the minds of the weak and ignorant. There are people who are paid to produce daily memes and content on Facebook. The corporate media however is more sophisticated. It does the job by making the perspective sound reasonable, by using selected facts to make an argument.

So when Trump calls the Corporate News Network "Fake News" ... Me thinks you protest too much, kind sir.

If people talk shit about me that I know is not true, I laugh. I could give a shit less. If people wanna listen to liars, that's their choice. True friends will see your heart. When you get upset about other people talking shit, it's because there is some element of truth in what people are saying.

Thursday, 12 January 2017 at 2h 58m 5s

New Poem

I write a new poem today. Oh joy

I call it ... Hypocrisy.

It’s team A versus team B versus teams C and D and maybe even E and then of course there is always team I don’t give a fuck about this team bullshit can you just leave me alone and let me live my damn life without all this pressure and fucking pretense about TEAM.

Yes yea I know I know there ain’t no “I” in TEAM but that’s like saying no cat will eat out of a dog’s bowl or all the stars in heaven can never be seen as once.

Yea duh no shit mother fucker everyone realizes the letter “I” is nowhere to be found in the four letters that constitute the word “TEAM”.

Are you implying something about my personal character when you bring this shit up during the most odd instances. Me pointing at inconsistency You saying how I am insensitive. Me saying that your words are inaccurate You saying that I don’t appreciate you. Me saying that you are full of shit. You you say that I have no respect.

Look man if I call you out on your bullshit that has nothing to do with whether I give a fuck or care the fact that I bother means by default that I care so don’t belittle the genuine perspective and honest logical argument with some disclaimer or denial that resides within your own obvious weakness your own obvious insecurity.

When the emperor wears no clothes you can either cheer or snicker or ignore or distract but you can never deny the truth in the nakedness of hypocrisy because it will always be there for all to see.

Thursday, 12 January 2017 at 2h 28m 0s

Oh by the way ...

This is how these fucking people operate ...

LAUREN WINDSOR (narrator): Convicted criminal and right-wing con artist James O'keefe and his cohorts in the Trump Foundation-funded Project Veritas are at it again; this time, infiltrating progressive groups in an attempt to create a storyline smearing progressives by promising to fund money for violent schemes to unsuspecting advocates. But this time the tables were turned. We received a tip on suspicious behavior and immediately recognized O'Keefe's malicious handiwork. We partnered with Ryan Clayton of Americans Take Action and launched a counter-sting.

~hat tip to crooks and liars.

Saturday, 7 January 2017 at 2h 26m 24s

Two days later

Two days later, the weather North of Hawaii, spun by the Hawaiian Pineapple express, sends California a whole lotta wet.

And it's looking like another 7 straight days of wonderful wet weather. That's why they call this the Pineapple Express. Notice the group of clouds Northeast of Hawaii, that's 4 or 5 days from now weather. The strong band you see about 1000 miles east of Hawaii is going to spin everything just north of Hawaii over into California, and then crash into California. The whole process can take 10 days once it gets established over the Pacific waters just East of Hawaii.

Now just in case you didn't see the expected inches of rainfall in the graphic above. Adding Saturday and Sunday alone, you get 3.5 inches of rain. The rest of the week looks to spill out another 2 plus inches of rain. That's 5.5 in one week in a part of the world that averages 23.6 per YEAR !!! Which is almost 25% of the yearly total in just 7 days, 1.9% of the year.

Here is the windmap from

Friday, 6 January 2017 at 2h 59m 1s

You go Obama

Honestly, Obama is surprising me about both his recent actions and his post-Presidential attempts to get involved in the various state anti-democratic actions, in particular "Gerry-Mandering" voting districts. Which is older than the KKK by the way -- hey that rhymes :-). All the way since BEFORE the America revolt against Britain in the 1770 to 1780 time frame, as far back at the later 1600's in fact.

Obama's 9 year Attorney General, Eric Holder -- who could not hold Wall Street financiers accountable for a single offence -- has been recently hired by California Jerry Brown to represent the state in any and all probable law suits the state takes against the incoming Federal administration. This is the same guy who made a big to-do against various California pot medical dispensaries -- but unable to prosecute a single Wall Street or big-bank criminal -- during Obama's first term. Nevertheless, I look at his with an open mind, because I trust Jerry Brown.

Boy am I so glad to be a Californian at this point in American history.

Full disclosure. I have met and have spoken with governor Jerry Brown's brother infrequently. He is a law professor at USF. Interesting person and mind. The entire family, all the way back to the father, ex-governor Edmund "Pat" Brown from 1959 to 1967. Responsible for the state water project, "Pat" Brown is the reason why California is great today.

Even though I am usually skeptical of Wikipedia, Wikipedia is fair on this matter.

Opposition to the State Water Project was immediate, especially with Sacramento River Delta users worrying about saltwater intrusion which had already been a concern without factoring in redirection of outward freshwater flow. Residents of the Bay Area and elsewhere in Northern California were concerned about the increase in water draw the South might demand as populations expanded. While Southern support for the project was clear, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California worried that the project did not ensure permanent rights to Northern water. This lead the legislature to amend the plan, prohibiting the state's southern water rights from being rescinded, clearing any remaining reservations from the state's southern water authorities.

Governor Brown was a staunch supporter of the plan, energetically opposing critics and seeking solutions. He lobbied Congress to exempt California from the 160 acre rule, lauding the benefit of employment and progress to the state's northern and southern residents, calling for an end to the north-south rivalry. Brown also reduced his introductory bond issuance from $11 billion to $1.75 billion, beginning a television campaign to appeal to residents. Governor Brown insisted on the Burns-Porter Act which sent the bond issue to a referendum; the 1960 vote saw Butte County as the sole Northern California county not voting against the measure. However, the growth in Southern California's population lead to the plan's adoption.

[SOURCE: Wikipedia]

Friday, 6 January 2017 at 2h 34m 28s

Can I scream

Thom Hartmann : "Why aren't the Democrats doing anything about this?"

Hello, that was my question, spoken loudly on this blog fucking one month ago. Thanks Thom.

And would you look at that queer scowl on James Clapper's face (current head of CIA) ? Almost like he's ashamed that his asshole is where his mouth is located, and hopes no one realizes it during the brief duration when he has to speak in front of cameras and video recording devices. Creepy.

Mike Papantonio : "The Corporate-controlled media won't touch issues like [this] because they're not sensational enough, uh, they can't make the story appealing enough to an audience with a 30 second attention span so they feed us absurd fake news about Russia hacking the election or [what] Donald Trump ... tweeted this morning.

Right now you see the new DNC [Democratic National Committee] ... It's outrageous. The 'new' DNC Leadership -- which is nothing more than the Hilary camp -- is now making the Russian hacking story their number one attention. This is the number one story they are paying attention to rather than voter suppression that probably killed them in the last election. We know that Republican trolled states have been systematically purging Democratic voters for at least 16 years. And these methods keep evolving."

Yikes, Mike really tears apart the corporatist Democratic establishment. Awesome skewering. The "Pap" attack is spot on, and really shows his feisty fearless intellect for those of you who may not be familiar with this fellow Southern Italian. (I admit to being a fan)

We got Trump largely because Kris Kobach got 28 state Republican Secretary’s of State to send him their voter registration lists so that he could run a computer program called “cross check” that removed loosely associated names under the pretense that these were persons who were double registered.  Hence Michael Eugene Jackson of Georgia was matched with Michael Lebrun Jackson of Virginia, and Donald Alexander Webster Jr. of Ohio was matched with Donald Eugene Webster Sr. of Virginia.  Over 7 million persons were paired in this way, and had their names removed off the voting rolls.  When they showed up to vote, they had to vote on provisional ballots, most of which were never counted.  75,355 ballots in Michigan alone were not counted, in a state where Donald Trump won by only 10,704 votes.  And those votes largely came from Detroit and Flint, majority-Black cities that vote Democratic.

This happened in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and all throughout the 28 states who sent their registration lists to Mr. Kobach. This was why the Republican establishment stonewalled Jill Stein’s recount efforts, otherwise why would they deny democracy if they were not afraid of their anti-democratic actions?  Instead, Jill Stein and Democrats are called “sore-losers” or “cry babies”  who “waste tax payers dollars” when really it’s as simple as Jill Stein standing up for democracy and the right of citizens to have their votes counted.

Kris Kobach’s state of Kansas was the only state out of 50 states not to respond to a recent New York Times survey of actual voter fraud, of which less than 100 incidents were actually legally acted upon, 65 of which were in the combined total of Georgia and Tennessee. According to the New York Times: "The findings unambiguously debunk repeated statements by President-elect Donald J. Trump that millions of illegal voters backed his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.”

Thursday, 5 January 2017 at 1h 38m 0s

Modern Weather

This is how I discern the weather nowadays. I go look at and see the West Coast Pacific Satellite imaging.

Notice that counter-clockwise weather system spinning rain out of the Pacific that is just North of Hawaii. That's called the "Pineapple Express". It usually means rain for the next four or five days.

Then I check out for San Francisco, and look at the following panorama of weather data displayed graphically

Yikes, looks like this weekend is gonna be rain, rain, and more rain. Confirmed by the satellite imagery.

Back in the day, people actually watched the weatherman on a regular basis, or listen to the radio to get weather information. The National Weather Service nationalized the collection of weather information so that citizens would not have to pay a premium to get less than reliable weather. During the 1980's and 1990's the Weather Channel developed a way to provide radar information from the National Weather Service. Every 10 or 15 minutes, you got to see a radar of the region where you lived -- Pacific, Northwest, Southwest, California, Southeast, Mountain-central, Mid-South, Mid-west, Northeast, and so on.

Once the internet came, people got access to the raw data from those who set up graphical imaging and data displays, like Intellicast and Wunderground. A lot of people get their weather from cell phone app nowadays, but all of these sources are using data obtained by the National Weather Service. If these businesses had to include the cost of collecting such data themselves, these companies would have a lot more overhead, and more than likely eventually skimp on certain data analysis. Or if not, the cost of the service would be prohibitive, just like many hi-end university data and library collection systems (like Lexus-Nexus) -- sometimes costing $600 or more per year. The result would inevitably be a secondary market of substandard or stripped services controlled by the data collection agents.

Which is a perfect example of what government does well. Governments invest the tax collections into developing basic or necessary infrastructure so that other businesses can take advantage of the cost or service savings and not distort the market into oligarchical funnels. If every single thing that is needed by or necessary for society gets outsourced to private firms, than what happens is the gradual devolution into those firms who control the necessary check points in the distribution system of goods and services, and those firms who do not. The market becomes oligarchical and the quality of service becomes fractured or stratified into rent-seeking tiers.

Government not only needs to be a functioning part of every economic order for capitalism to properly function, but also to ensure that the needs of the community and society will inhibit the inherent bent of mankind to evolve into aristocracy, irrationality, and authoritarian regimes.

Sunday, 1 January 2017 at 21h 33m 45s

Global Trade Visualized

Sunday, 1 January 2017 at 19h 21m 22s

REM Michael Stipe on the Colbert Show

REM (1980-2011) did this song when I was in college. Michael Stipe was the lead singer -- he's the guy with the gray-white beard in the above video. I loved REM at the time, and this song in particular. "It's the End of the World" from 1987, which is the year I started Freshmen year in college at Tulane University. My roomate, Tim Conley, introduced me to REM, and this song was my favorite when I heard it in the Fall of 1987. THANKS TIM :-)

Thursday, 29 December 2016 at 18h 31m 21s

Bullshit commentariat Retro 16 years

This fucker still writes an opinion column at the New York Times.

David Brooks' "opinion" is often contrived, highly compromised with obvious biased agenda, and is even comical with its pathetic bloviating ability to ramble on trying to weave a nonsensical argument. Driftglass is incessant in a long term attempt to point out how David Brooks is full of shit.

When David comes on PBS and debates Mark Shields I was always able to point out Mr. Brooks subtle deceptions and blatant incongruities. He has been a plant of respectable reason and has betrayed that assumption more than half the time. His purpose is to appear reasonable sometimes, only to suddenly turn on a dime and make proclamations that don't relate to whatever reasonable opinion he most recently espoused. He is a dagger. Just when he starts to make to make sense, wham, you get hit with the irrational statement that leaves his real intent bare. David Brooks is a hired word assassin. He is sponsored by that segment of the corporate elite that rely on Mr. Brooks to "gum-up-the-works" and provided a courtier role of justifying the corporate paradigm in a way that might be palatable with the upper middle class and educated classes.