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It's not about being liberal or conservative anymore y'all. That is a hype offered by the fascist whores who want to confuse the people with lies while they turn this country into an aristocratic police state. Some people will say anything to attain power and money. There is no such thing as the Liberal Media, but the Corporate media is very real.

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Gino Napoli
San Francisco, California
High School Math Teacher

Loyalty without truth
is a trail to tyranny.

a middle-aged
George Washington

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008 at 3h 11m 16s

Please dear God

Elect Obama for our president

Click here to see Obama's speech in Colorado now. The man is the real thing. Open your ears. He speaks the truth. He is the zeitgeist of the American moment.

Dear God, please trounce all the Republicans and elect Obama as our President. He is the man. I am moved to tears when I hear this speech.

Let it be forever known that I love my country. It has been a long time since I have been moved to tears by hearing a "politician" speak. Obama moves me to tears. I really believe that Obama is as sincere as a man running for the Presidency can be when it comes to honestly wanting to point our nation in the right direction.

Pray like you've never prayed before. Motivate like you have never motivated before. Speak up now like you have never spoken up before. And take no shit from morons who don't pay attention. Because now is the time. Now. Not 2012. Right now.

We can't afford four more years of corruption and incompetency.

They lie, they cheat, they steal. Anything is better than that.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008 at 2h 37m 41s

No one shows up to hear McCain in Jacksonville

In a stadium that seats 16,000 only 3,000 show up to hear the wobbling oratory of the myth called Maverick McCain.

Monday, 15 September 2008 at 0h 41m 18s

The New York Times piece on Sarah Palin

You need to read the entire piece, but here is a snippet ...

when there was a vacancy at the top of the State Division of Agriculture, she appointed a high school classmate, Franci Havemeister, to the $95,000-a-year directorship. A former real estate agent, Ms. Havemeister cited her childhood love of cows as a qualification for running the roughly $2 million agency.

Ms. Havemeister was one of at least five schoolmates Ms. Palin hired, often at salaries far exceeding their private sector wages.

When Ms. Palin had to cut her first state budget, she avoided the legion of frustrated legislators and mayors. Instead, she huddled with her budget director and her husband, Todd, an oil field worker who is not a state employee, and vetoed millions of dollars of legislative projects.

Ms. Palin walks the national stage as a small-town foe of “good old boy” politics and a champion of ethics reform.... But an examination of her swift rise and record as mayor of Wasilla and then governor finds that her visceral style and penchant for attacking critics — she sometimes calls local opponents “haters” — contrasts with her carefully crafted public image.

Throughout her political career, she has pursued vendettas, fired officials who crossed her and sometimes blurred the line between government and personal grievance, according to a review of public records and interviews with 60 Republican and Democratic legislators and local officials.

[SOURCE: Jo Becker, Peter S. Goodman and Michael Powell. |  | 14 September 2008]

Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 16h 2m 21s

Sarah Palin's pipeline

“I fought to bring about the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history and when that deal was struck, we began a nearly forty billion dollar natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence.”

-Sarah Palin in an address to Republican delegates, Sept. 3, 2008

Anyone listening to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at the recent U.S. Republican convention would believe that TransCanada workers are poised, shovels at the ready, to start construction of a 2,760-kilometre pipeline bringing natural gas from Alaska through Canada to the lower 48 states. They would be wrong.

[SOURCE: Madelaine Drohan | Globe and Mail | 12 September]

Because the project was initiated 30 years ago and is not even completed yet. And furthermore ...

given that both pipelines have experienced 30 years of delays, it is not too much of a stretch to imagine that construction on the first would still be ongoing when the second is due to start. That would lead to competition for workers, equipment and materials, forcing the price of all three up, perhaps to the point where the project no longer made economic sense.

If they lie, they steal.

Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 15h 49m 25s

McCain ruled by corporate lobbyists

So McCain is gonna bring "real change" eh?

Politico reports today that “at least 16” of Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) former Senate staffers have gone on to careers in lobbying, according to an analysis of federal lobbying records. In some cases, McCain staffers have gone to K Street and then returned to McCain’s office:

In many cases, they went to work for clients whose issues the staffers dealt with in the Senate. … Still, during McCain’s nearly 25 years in Congress, the revolving door has remained open. As his aides have moved downtown from Capitol Hill, they’ve drawn from their experience on the senator’s personal staff or on his key committees: Armed Services, Commerce and Indian Affairs

[SOURCE: | 11 September 2008]

If they lie, they steal.

Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 15h 43m 53s

Republican election year voting games

It was a mainstay of Jim Crow segregation: for 100 years after the Civil War, Southern white Democrats kept eligible blacks from voting with poll taxes, literacy tests and property requirements. Starting in the 1960s, the U.S. Supreme Court declared these assaults on the heart of American democracy unconstitutional.

Now, with the help of a 2008 Supreme Court decision, Crawford vs. Marion County (Indiana) Election Board, white Republicans in some areas will keep eligible blacks from voting by requiring driver's licenses. Not only is this new-fangled discrimination constitutional, it's spreading.

GOP proponents of the move say they are merely trying to reduce voter fraud. But while occasional efforts to stuff ballot boxes through phony absentee voting still surface, the incidence of individual vote fraud—voting when you aren't eligible—is virtually non-existent, as "The Truth About Vote Fraud," a study by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, clearly shows. In other words, the problem Republicans claim they want to combat with increased ID requirements doesn't exist. Meanwhile, those ID hurdles facing individuals do nothing to stop the organized insiders who still try to game the system.


In Crawford, the court upheld an Indiana law essentially requiring a passport or driver's license in order to vote. But more than two thirds of Indiana adults have no passports and nearly 15 percent have no driver's licenses. These eligible voters, disproportionately African-American, will need to take a bus or catch a ride from a friend down to the motor vehicles bureau to make sure they obtain a nondriver photo ID. Otherwise, they cannot vote in Indiana this year.

[SOURCE: Jonathan Alter | Newsweek | ]

That, my friends, is how the Republicans support Democracy. In order to prevent maybe 100 cases of potential voter fraud, they deny 50,000 voters the right to vote.

Click on the NYU study link and read how much of a sham this "voter fraud" issue really is.

If they lie, they steal.

Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 15h 34m 34s

Breaking the truce, and then lying

The two presidential campaigns had declared a truce for the anniversary of 9/11. Traditional campaigning, especially of the negative sort, was supposed to be put on hold. But John McCain's campaign, it's now clear, broke that truce -- and did so with an ad that nonpartisan watchdog calls "particularly egregious" for its distortions.

[SOURCE: | 12 September 2008]

According to The non-partisan

The McCain-Palin campaign has released a new TV ad that distorts quotes from the Obama campaign. It takes words out of context to make it sound as though the Democratic ticket is belittling Palin:
  • The ad says "they said she was doing 'what she was told.' " But the Obama adviser who's being quoted didn't accuse Palin of meekly following orders. What he actually said is that she made a false claim about Obama's legislative record and added, "maybe that's what she was told."

  • It says "they lashed out at Sarah Palin; dismissed her as 'good looking,' " But "they" didn't lash out at all. Obama – who is the one pictured – didn't say anything like that. The only one the McCain campaign quotes is Obama's running mate, Biden, and he actually offered the remark as a compliment. Biden said the "obvious" difference between Palin and himself is "she's good looking."

  • The ad says Obama was "disrespectful" when he accused Palin of "lying" about her record. But the truth is Palin's claim to have "said no" to the "bridge to nowhere" is indeed a dubious one, as we and many have pointed out.

If they lie, they steal.

Saturday, 13 September 2008 at 15h 6m 57s

Palin lies profusely

Uhk-ummm, I mean making a "clarification".

WASHINGTON - Sarah Palin's visit to Iraq in 2007 consisted of a brief stop at a border crossing between Iraq and Kuwait, the vice presidential candidate's campaign said yesterday, in the second official revision of her only trip outside North America.

Following her selection last month as John McCain's running mate, aides said Palin had traveled to Ireland, Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq to meet with members of the Alaska National Guard. During that trip she was said to have visited a "military outpost" inside Iraq. The campaign has since repeated that Palin's foreign travel included an excursion into the Iraq battle zone.

But in response to queries about the details of her trip, campaign aides and National Guard officials in Alaska said by telephone yesterday that she did not venture beyond the Kuwait-Iraq border when she visited Khabari Alawazem Crossing, also known as "K-Crossing," on July 25, 2007.

Asked to clarify where she traveled in Iraq, Palin's spokeswoman, Maria Comella, confirmed that "She visited a military outpost on the other side of the Kuwait-Iraq border."

It was the second such clarification in as many weeks of the itinerary of what Palin has called "the trip of a lifetime." Earlier, the campaign acknowledged that Palin made only a refueling stop in Ireland.

In her interview with ABC News Thursday night, Palin did not mention Iraq in describing the visit, saying only that she went to Kuwait and Germany to meet with US forces.

[SOURCE: Bryan Bender | Boston Globe | 13 September]
If she lies so much about the little stuff, can you trust her to be honest on anything?

Let us count.

  • Charging rape victims $300 or more for the rape kits the police use to gather evidence
  • Refusing to admit she ever supported the "bridge to nowhere" during her campaign to be governor
  • Saying she was against pork earmarks when she asked for more per capita than any other governor in the USA
  • During the ABC interview "When Gibson noted she had requested funding to study the mating habits of crabs and other small-bore projects that typically draw John McCain's ire, Palin said the specific requests had come through universities and other public entities. She also said they weren't worked out by lobbyists behind closed doors.."[SOURCE: Yahoo | 12 September 2008] -- notice she admits that its not always big bad lobbyists stealing the people's money for selfish special interests.
  • She said she did not personally get involved in trying to fire the ex-husband state trooper of her sister; then the emails surfaced.

In other words, when Republicans deny and say something isn't true -- that means it is not only true, but it's also probably much worse than you realize.

If they lie, they steal.

Lipstick on a pig. Lipstick on a pig. Lipstick on a pig.

Friday, 12 September 2008 at 0h 59m 18s

Because they can't win a fair election

The chairman of the Republican Party in Macomb County Michigan, a key swing county in a key swing state, is planning to use a list of foreclosed homes to block people from voting in the upcoming election as part of the state GOP’s effort to challenge some voters on Election Day.

“We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren’t voting from those addresses,” party chairman James Carabelli told Michigan Messenger in a telephone interview earlier this week. He said the local party wanted to make sure that proper electoral procedures were followed....

“You can’t challenge people without a factual basis for doing so,” said J. Gerald Hebert, a former voting rights litigator for the U.S. Justice Department who now runs the Campaign Legal Center, a Washington D.C.-based public-interest law firm. “I don’t think a foreclosure notice is sufficient basis for a challenge, because people often remain in their homes after foreclosure begins and sometimes are able to negotiate and refinance.”

[SOURCE: EARTHA JANE MELZER | Michigan Messenger | 9 September 2008]

Here is the Republican tactic. Challenge as many voters as possible by using various lists. Force the challenged voters to vote on provisional ballots that won't get counted. During the 2004 presidential elections: in Ohio, more than 300,000 provisional ballots were thrown away before ever being counted. In Colorado, more than 100,000 ... in New Mexico, more than 50,000.

Or how about throwing away voter ballots because ... they were mistaken for trash.

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL -- Are the 3,478 missing ballots inside of a landfill?

Were they inadvertently thrown out by elections officials who thought they were trash? NewsChannel 5 has exclusively learned that is the leading theory on officials' minds. We've learned that the ballots in question, likely came from a precinct in Boynton Beach.

They were collected, as all the ballots in the county were, and the put in zippered bank-like bags.

For safety they are then loaded into duffel bags for delivery to the board of elections. We've learned that at this particular precinct elections workers ‘ran out’ of duffel bags, and black plastic garbage bags were instead used.

Our sources tell us a sheriff’s deputy assigned to deliver the ballots shuttled the plastic bag, or bags, with the ballots in them to the Board of Elections and handed them over. His job was done and the ballots were safely delivered.

What happened next is under investigation, but a reliable law enforcement source tells us it is believed the garbage bag was thrown out, mistaken for trash on a very busy night.

[SOURCE: Tom Malloy | WPTV | 11 September]

From West Palm Beach, of all places ... remember the place of confusing Butterfly ballots of 2000, when thousands of older Jewish voters mistakenly voted for anti-zionist Pat Buchanan because they were confused by the ballots?

The Republican party is a bunch of anti-democratic despots. They have only three principles: lie, cheat, and steal

Sunday, 7 September 2008 at 17h 13m 46s

Factcheck spots a few lies

Click here for the non-partisan's analysis of the Republican convention speech dishonesty.

In 2006, the Ketchikan Daily News quoted her expressing optimism and support for the bridge at a Ketchikan campaign stop.

Palin, 2006: "People across the nation struggle with the idea of building a bridge because they’ve been under these misperceptions about the bridge and the purpose,” said Palin, who described the link as the Ketchikan area’s potential for expansion and growth. … Palin said Alaska’s congressional delegation worked hard to obtain funding for the bridge as part of a package deal and that she “would not stand in the way of the progress toward that bridge.”

Palin actually ran for governor saying she was offended at the media calling it a "bridge to nowhere". She abruptly turned about face after elected when it became a hot political issue, calling it "a bridge to nowhere" herself.

Republicans love to promote lying, hypocrites.