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September 1, 2003 ... It's not about being liberal or conservative anymore y'all. That is a hype offered by the fascist whores who want to confuse the people with lies while they turn this country into an aristocratic police state. Some people will say anything to attain power and money. There is no such thing as the Liberal Media, but the Corporate media is very real.

John Stauber on Public Relations Companies


2004 August 8
Voice of the People
Freeper Alert

Bush is a monster. August 2, 2004

Why were the Clinton scandals persecuted and pursued more than the Bush high crimes and misdemeanors? April 28, 2004

We are on the precipice of a huge financial liquidity trap. April 6, 2004

Jesus will they layoff the Clinton had sex with an intern. Okay, okay the man is not infallible, and at least he did apologize to the nation. We got an administration in the white house with more criminality and blatant thuggish indescretion than ever imagined and we are still worried about Clinton's dumb judgement on infidelity. No money was lost, swindled, or stolen nor did anyone die on account of that foolhardiness. March 21, 2004

How dare they accuse the Spanish vote as indicative of terrorist manipulation? If anyone is manipulating, it is the administration and their plethora of right-wing apologist shills. March 16, 2004

Republicans get to hack into Democratic computers for almost 2 years out of Senate Majority Leader Frist's office, and yet no one is screaming in outrage? Perhaps Frist ought to have sex with an intern instead? March 14, 2004

Did you know only 12 media conglomerates control 90% of what you read, see , and hear? Read on. February 14, 2004

How can anyone like Herr George Bush now?. February 8, 2004

The immigrants are only victims of larger economic forces. Racial slurs are only a means of dividing and conquering the minds of the people. September 1, 2003

Government is meant to do for society what society cannot or will not do for itself. To belief an unregulated market will be the most efficient and least harmful to society is just another false premise sponsored by the rogues of the neo-con nazi's. The market is and has always been the creation of the state. Don't forget "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union ..." is the preamble of the Constitution. An unregulated market and a stateless society is an euphemism for a repressive aristocratic police state. August 22, 2003

The false patriots want this war? March 29, 2003

Why does the Bush Administration appoint political operatives? March 6, 2003

Would you believe the new war on the school lunch program justifies cutting the budget because students are only "insecure" about eating, according to a poorly written NYTimes article that was sourced by a fax from a right-wing think tank and a few obligatory calls to the appropriate "liberal" non-profit groups. February 23, 2003

Did you know that the erosion of the "Fairness Doctrine" in 1989 is why we have the abundance of loud-mouthed, loose-lipped media pundits on corporate radio and TV? Read this if you want to know how the erosion occurred. February 19, 2003

In San Francisco there are a lot of billboard ads of People standing in the street holding black markered cardboard with slogans written on them that indicate complaints of the street potholes, smelly alleyways, and homelessness. These ads are front for the business group "Hotel Council of San Francisco" masquerading behind "" It is a blatantly bogus campaign. February 17, 2003

OKAY I must warn you that this is quite a vehement rant about the ludicrous positions of conservative TV pundits ... I know I'm using "there" in a number of places when I should write "their" ... I'll edit it better as soon as I get a chance. January 9, 2003

Here is what I call a "scrubbed" newspaper article on the Meat Industry, practicaly written with the quotes of the public relations staff of meat industry lobby organizations. November 11, 2002

The war in Iraq is about oil and the power schemes of corporate pigs. Don't believe the lies and those who are hired to let the lies propagate. October 4, 2002

I hate commercials. Why do we put up with such hired fictionalized lying? September 3, 2002

Who needs media pundits that pugnaciously put people down, and don't even have an argument August 21, 2002

A response to Mr. Jacoby of the Boston Globe:
Reagan was a modern day US Grant, a figurehead for the greed and selfishness of the rich and powerful
August 14, 2002

Since when was diplomacy not an extension of private interests August 8, 2002

The Recent Iraq debate in Congress is a hoax August 6, 2002

Propaganda in the Eduation Policy Debate May 20, 2002

Ownership of Land in America May 19, 2002

What is money Creation? May 5, 2002

Yucca Mountain is Our Savior ... really? April 30, 2002

The Dangers of the Electronic Media April 29, 2002

Taxation and Government April 28, 2002

Open letter to SF Chronicle April 26, 2002

Spy planes over China April 12, 2001

Testing: A teacher's view

My view of the battle in education

Oh, how they attempt to impugn Senator Kerry's honorable record. This election is gradually turning into a memorandum on the Vietnam experience.

A lot of myths are making their way about the internet about Senator Kerry. Most of these are incredibly juvenile that it is hard to believe that anyone can believe them.