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It's not about being liberal or conservative anymore y'all. That is a hype offered by the fascist whores who want to confuse the people with lies while they turn this country into an aristocratic police state. Some people will say anything to attain power and money. There is no such thing as the Liberal Media, but the Corporate media is very real.

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Gino Napoli
San Francisco, California
High School Math Teacher

Loyalty without truth
is a trail to tyranny.

a middle-aged
George Washington

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Sunday, 6 April 2008 at 14h 57m 0s

Tom Toles cartoon

I love Tom Toles.

When the elites break the law, they get 6 month furloughs at Federal prisons, or they pay a fine and get to keep 90% of the illegal proceeds. When everyone breaks the law, we lose everything and got locked up with rapists and murders for years.

Keep watching cops 911, so you can maintain your skewed perspective about Justice.

Sunday, 6 April 2008 at 1h 57m 45s

177 Nations

Absolutely incredible. I'm watching this baseball game between the Angels and the Rangers, and then suddenly, a graphic comes on the screen while the announcer states the caption. The Armed Forces Network is broadcasting the game to our forces in 177 countries across the globe.

Did you catch that? This was on the FSN West (Fox Sports Network) but it really did not matter what network. Proudly boasting that we have our troops stationed in 177 countries who get to watch a baseball game back in the homeland. Need I say more.

We are an empire, and we don't even realize we are an empire. This baseball game is a cultural event for troops stationed in 177 foreign lands. Just like British folk Eating Mutton stew in the middle of Shanghai listening to Mozart.

But the American empire is different than the British version, which openly acknowledged and proclaimed the British sovereignty. The navigation of the world's seas during the time period before 1800 was European, and the British navy was essentially the policeman of the waters for European commerce. Today the world's commerce is more widely dispersed: from Korea, to Japan, China, and India, to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and Morocco.

To say America has replaced the function of the British Navy is a current historical question. Our navy is certainly unparalleled across the entire globe. No other national naval force even comes close, except that Russia has probably an equal number of submarines. Most of the 177 bases in 177 countries are really just air or naval bases, however, the presence is nonetheless involved and interwined in the local foreign politics.

How many nations does the United States allow to keep full-time military personnel within the borders of the United States?

Zero. Enough said.

Saturday, 29 March 2008 at 15h 30m 7s

Paul Krugman on the myth of a Social Security crisis

Social Security is a government program supported by a dedicated tax, like highway maintenance. Now you can say that assigning a particular tax to a particular program is merely a fiction, but in fact such assignments have both legal and political force. If Ronald Reagan had said, back in the 1980s, ďLetís increase a regressive tax that falls mainly on the working class, while cutting taxes that fall mainly on much richer people,Ē he would have faced a political firestorm. But because the increase in the regressive payroll tax was recommended by the Greenspan Commission to support Social Security, it was politically in a different box - you might even call it a lockbox - from Reaganís tax cuts.

The purpose of that tax increase was to maintain the dedicated tax system into the future, by having Social Securityís assigned tax take in more money than the system paid out while the baby boomers were still working, then use the trust fund built up by those surpluses to pay future bills. Viewed in its own terms, that strategy was highly successful.

The date at which the trust fund will run out, according to Social Security Administration projections, has receded steadily into the future: 10 years ago it was 2029, now itís 2042. As Kevin Drum, Brad DeLong, and others have pointed out, the SSA estimates are very conservative, and quite moderate projections of economic growth push the exhaustion date into the indefinite future.

But the privatizers wonít take yes for an answer when it comes to the sustainability of Social Security. Their answer to the pretty good numbers is to say that the trust fund is meaningless, because itís invested in U.S. government bonds. They arenít really saying that government bonds are worthless; their point is that the whole notion of a separate budget for Social Security is a fiction. And if thatís true, the idea that one part of the government can have a positive trust fund while the government as a whole is in debt does become strange.

But there are two problems with their position.

The lesser problem is that if you say that there is no link between the payroll tax and future Social Security benefits - which is what denying the reality of the trust fund amounts to - then Greenspan and company pulled a fast one back in the 1980s: they sold a regressive tax switch, raising taxes on workers while cutting them on the wealthy, on false pretenses. More broadly, weíre breaking a major promise if we now, after 20 years of high payroll taxes to pay for Social Securityís future, declare that it was all a little joke on the public.

The bigger problem for those who want to see a crisis in Social Securityís future is this: if Social Security is just part of the federal budget, with no budget or trust fund of its own, then, well, itís just part of the federal budget: there canít be a Social Security crisis. All you can have is a general budget crisis. Rising Social Security benefit payments might be one reason for that crisis, but itís hard to make the case that it will be central.

But those who insist that we face a Social Security crisis want to have it both ways. Having invoked the concept of a unified budget to reject the existence of a trust fund, they refuse to accept the implications of that unified budget going forward. Instead, having changed the rules to make the trust fund meaningless, they want to change the rules back around 15 years from now: today, when the payroll tax takes in more revenue than SS benefits, they say thatís meaningless, but when - in 2018 or later - benefits start to exceed the payroll tax, why, thatís a crisis. Huh?

I donít know why this contradiction is so hard to understand, except to echo Upton Sinclair: itís hard to get a man to understand something when his salary (or, in the current situation, his membership in the political club) depends on his not understanding it. But let me try this one more time, by asking the following: What happens in 2018 or whenever, when benefits payments exceed payroll tax revenues?

The answer, very clearly, is nothing.

The Social Security system wonít be in trouble: it will, in fact, still have a growing trust fund, because of the interest that the trust earns on its accumulated surplus. The only way Social Security gets in trouble is if Congress votes not to honor U.S. government bonds held by Social Security. Thatís not going to happen. So legally, mechanically, 2018 has no meaning.

Now itís true that rising benefit costs will be a drag on the federal budget. So will rising Medicare costs. So will the ongoing drain from tax cuts. So will whatever wars we get into. I canít find a story under which Social Security payments, as opposed to other things, become a crucial budgetary problem in 2018.

What we really have is a looming crisis in the General Fund. Social Security, with its own dedicated tax, has been run responsibly; the rest of the government has not. So why are we talking about a Social Security crisis?

There is no social security crisis. There are a bunch of idiosyncratic, desperate elitists who want to destroy the government by the people, and creating a financial crisis enables them to "get government down to the point where you can flush it down the toilet." Rule by spoiled rich trust fund babies and their sycophants is preferable to the collective wisdom of a voting public. These conservatives don't want to conserve the accumulated historical bureaucracy of the government. They want to tear it down and build offices for lobbyists and public relations firms.

Sunday, 16 March 2008 at 15h 10m 58s

The Republican scandal you didn't hear about

Especially when there are prostitutes involving a Governor of New York. Stealing money from the Republican National Committee by a man who was put in the position in 1995 is minor when the Democratic Governor gets busted putting his dilly in the wrong place and paying for sex with high society hooker.

Christopher Ward, the National Republican Congressional Committee's longtime treasurer, was fired in January after committee officials learned that he had been making unauthorized fund transfers dating to 2004, said Rep. Tom Cole, the committee's chairman.

"Based on analysis conducted to date, it appears likely that over a period of several years Ward made several hundred thousand dollars in unauthorized transfers of NRCC funds to outside committees whose bank accounts he had access to, including joint fund-raising committees in which the NRCC participated," Cole said in a written statement.

"He also appears to have made subsequent transfers of several hundred thousand dollars in funds from those outside committees to what appear to be his personal and business bank accounts."

[SOURCE:Brian Todd and Dugald McConnel†|†CNN†|†14 March 2008]

If this would have been the Democratic National Committee, the press would have been all over it. But it's the corrupt Republicans and so the story dies on a windy Friday afternoon.

Saturday, 15 March 2008 at 15h 28m 47s

Of course we will disperse those checks we promised

But after 2+ years, tens of thousands of New Orleanian homeowners are still waiting for the company contracted to disperse the checks to actually do so. Even while the company is making profits, their Public Relations officials whine about sifting through 150,000 applications and about inefficient personnel.

Click here for the MSNBC story.

One individual, according the above article: ~~ Adam Knapp, deputy director of the LRA, said bad publicity ultimately will spur ICF to better perform. ďTheir stock will rise and fall on their delivery here,Ē Knapp said ~~

What does bad publicity have to do with the ability of government contractors to exploit their niche and profit off of the tax-payers? Has bad publicity changed Halliburton and the cost-overruns of General Dynamics? $2000 screw-drivers and $50 toilet paper didn't go away because MSNBC did a few stories in between the garbage they normally spew about Brittany and Paris Hilton.

Saturday, 15 March 2008 at 14h 54m 2s

How about this for apartment living

Hat tip to bigpicture

Thursday, 6 March 2008 at 5h 29m 3s

World War Three

Kicks off by the invasion of Ecuador by the semi- dictatorial corrupt, death-squad loving Presidente of Columbia?

By the way we give $500 million a year to support the Columbian Army as aid in their fight against "terrorism."

They find laptops on the "terrorists" after they blow them away with Uranium shipments on it. Huhn? How could they have cracked the initial user/password screens so quickly? Sounds like more yellowcake from Niger to me.

We can't buy this lie again.

Meanwhile Venezuela sends troops and tanks to the border.


Do a google on "Columbia Ecuador"? Notice the News Alert at the top.

Here is a fair story on the situation from Salem, Oregon.

Thursday, 6 March 2008 at 2h 36m 5s

While listening to the radio

I am listening to this radio call-in talk show, called Clout, where the host Richard Greene does an excellent job of letting all kinds of people come on the show and talk about what they think and want to say. Congrats Richard.

This guy comes on ranting and raving about how Hillary didn't mean anything about this and that, and then so what, because Obama needs to toughen up and wise up, and that he is so sick of constantly hearing everyone tell Hillary to quit, like she is gonna break the party, and blah, blah. Richard allowed Brent Budowsky comment, and then let the man have his say, and back and forth. Brent was very judicious and warm in his statements. This man appeared to not hear a damn thing anyone else was saying. All he did was complain, while heatedly trying to convince everyone that Hillary is the one to trust, because no matter what, "we can't let another Republican take the Presidency in 2008."

Everyone agrees with that last statement. But it is commpletely disconnected with everything else the man tried to say. Even when Richard and Brent 120% agreed with him, it wasn't enough. It become obvious after 5 minutes, when Richard politely moved on to another caller. Then I got to thinking. Maybe that man was paid to act that way. Maybe the whole point was to try to inflame the listeners of the radio show with some contrived thought process. It explains a whole lot.

That's what television and corporate media are. They disperse ways of thinking that permit weak minded people to cheerlead and hold beliefs that are anti-thetical to their existence.

Ya dig.

Thursday, 6 March 2008 at 5h 42m 39s

Somebody please tell me what Hillary Clinton's problem is?

  • She gets a picture of Obama in a traditional Kenyan Muslim robe when he recently made an official visit to Kenya last year, and sends it to smear merchant Matt Drudge.

  • She recently makes a verbal statement that she has national experience, John McCain has national experience, but Obama, he just made a good speech.

  • She accuses him of plagarizing when her own speeches are replete with phases her own speech writers write, and use from other great speeches in American History.

  • Back when John Edwards was still in the primary, I think the 2nd debate, she accused her two opponents of acting like Republicans when they questioned her on specifics about her policies, INSTEAD of answering the question. John Edwards replied calmly that he was just asking policy questions.

  • Then, she answers "No, as far as I know" when asked the question "Is Obama a Muslim?" The correct response is "No" followed by a "and even if he is, what does it matter. In this country, we have a constitution, and we don't have a religious test in order to be considered qualified for public office." That's what Hillary should of said. But instead, her instinct was to make a slippery statement that is a mild innuendo about religion.

This is how the current Republican party acts. Democrats don't do this. Democrats don't send pictures to the Republican smear merchant machine. Democrats answer questions about specifics in their policy. Democrats politely elaborate and address the criticisms others have about the specifics in their policies. Democrats do not raise red herrings and deflect the questions about specifics by accusing others of acting unfair when they ask questions. Democrats also don't accuse others of what they themselves do.

This really disgusts me. I don't like seeing this kind of instinct in someone who runs for polical office. What you are seeing is a women who is so desirous to become President that she is willing to act like a Republican. Maybe that's why she has been enabling George Bush all this time. Who voted for Anthony Alioto and John Roberts. Where was she when the Militiary Commissions Act of 2006 occurred? (NOTE: Google search link, choose wisely.)

I'm not saying Obama is free of a certain amount of compromise himself, but he doesn't act like this in pursuit of the throne. He might get into a fake skirmish with Paul Krugman about what his health-care policies are or are not, but nothing personal occurred in that skirmish. Obama didn't elude that Krugman is just an ivory tower man of books who hides behind a newspaper column. No. He didn't go that route in order to have a victory. He just "respectfully disagreed" and didn't attack the man in order to attack the policy.

Understand the difference. These two individuals are under the most intense stress that any human being could experience in a life-time. At these times. people respond to stress instinctively, so how people respond during the duress of a political election is quintessential to how they are as people.

And I'm not liking the person I see in Mrs. Hillary Clinton. She has gone a long way in undermining what happy notions I may have had or stated in the past. Going forward, I really am disgusted by this, and mind you, I really haven't mentioned about 2 to 5 more things about Hillary's actions too. The four above should be quite fine to make my point.

But all that being said, if Hillary secures the nomination, I will vote for her, and I will focus upon her positives. Lyndon Johnson was a bastard and a cut-throat son-of-a-bitch himself, but guess who got Medicare passed. All these one-dimensional purists out there who want the whole package need to wake the hell up and realize that we are talking about the Supreme Court. Plain and simple. The current law-breakers and fascist appointments in the government will multiply like the German National Socialist party when it went from 6 to 25 to 134 representatives and got the 81 year old General President to annoint Hitler as Chancellor, in only 5 years. If there is any government or non-out sourced job at a decent wage left.

Another Republican and you can kiss this country and its constitution goodbye, while looking forward to a hundred years of self-destruction wars. There really is no choice.

Friday, 22 February 2008 at 12h 8m 30s

Sex and companionship in modern America

I just figured out what it is about Sex that drives Americans crazy, and why Sex tends to dominate our politics either because some politician is having an affair with a young girl, or because some homophobe is secretly having gay sex.

Mind you this is something only a single male could figure out at 3:45 am, but the problem in America is actually quite simple. Nobody here is having sex. And those couples (married or not) who have sex, are actually dissatisfied with the sex half of the time. It's either too quick or too boring or the feelings for the other person are gone and the sex can't compensate.

Yep, that's it. Look around. The guys are all desperate and the babes are all wishing for Mr. Right despite the Mr. So-So's they tend to date. We American's pay too much attention to sex because we are trying to overcompensate for are own dissatisfactions. We are lonely and seeking companionship, and sex is the consolation prize.

If you look much closer however, you realize that the problem is not really about sex. It's about the lack of close relationships with others, and the proponderance of unfulfilling superficial relationships. You have a conversation with someone once, then when you see them again, you get a blank stare. The other person is too shell-shocked to admit to the former conversation. People actually categorize their relationships with others, and if you aren't in that special category you get the vouchsafed acknowledgement. And saying hello or good morning to complete strangers is a dying vestige of a culture that existed before 24 hour cable TV distorted our understandings of personal interaction. You don't learn about people by watching Television shows, nor do you gain any better understanding of yourself.